Hones-T – Another Day Another Hustle

As the trumpets blare and the procession sounds, the mood from track one seems to be fit for hip-hop royalty, similar to the inauguration of a newly crowned king.  Entering the main stage is Hones-T, with his latest release, Another Day Another Hustle.  This album proclaims the daily struggles of a young man who, while plagued with outside pressures and unparalleled challenges, finds his way through the authenticity and the organic simplicity of speaking nothing but the truth.  Purely astonished that he’d release hit after hit for free, here’s just a sample of what you’ll find on Another Day Another Hustle

My Emotions

Aside from “See Me Change” and “Liquor, Money, Bitches,” “My Emotions” is without a doubt my personal favorite track on Another Day Another Hustle.  Raw, uninhibited prose parts his lips like a veteran poet during a spoken word session.  A hook wouldn’t do this song any justice, and we’re fortunate enough that Hones-T utilized this track to literally speak his mind, clear the air, and get it all off his chest.  Hones-T takes you on a journey of his experiences, from a once young and immature lost soul to the reflective growth and lyrical maturation we see and hear from him today.

Thru Me featuring Ace Hood

A salute to the lost ones of our community, “Thru Me” acknowledges the fallen soldiers of the hood and the casualties of a vicious prison system.  Featuring Ace Hood on the second verse, Hones-T prepares an anthem of recognition for the dearly departed and the unjustly accused.  With one in ten young African-American males currently imprisoned, and homicide indicated as the highest leading cause of death in black men from teenagers to mid-thirties, “Thru Me” imposes noteworthy attention to these expedited epidemics consistently infecting urban youth.  With such a seemingly bleak topic, instead of mourning, Hones-T elects to celebrate their lives through his own and delivers painstakingly direct lyrics in appreciation of the life he is blessed to continue to lead.

Be Alone

Women seriously benefit from the vulnerable candor Hones-T displays in “Be Alone.”  This track exposes the duality of finding the one, while falling susceptible to the lying, the mistreating, and the cheating.  I’ve never quite heard a man admit to being a self-proclaimed dog in this way.  It’s actually done with sincerity and integrity.  It’s genuine, thought-provoking, sheer genius.  “Be Alone” is not the typical, hip-hop, idolized and stylized way of showing the ultimate disrespect towards women through name-calling and female-bashing.  Rather, Hones-T contributes warnings of true character and confessions of an unprecedented viewpoint by affirming that in the end, despite all the games that are played, no man truly wants to “Be Alone.”  A welcome departure from the songs predictably geared towards the female fan base, “Be Alone” delivers a surprisingly refreshing perspective on the issue of love vs. lust.

The Bottom Line

I really could review literally every single track on his latest mixtape.  And the truth of the matter is it’s nearly a sin to give away a great album like this for free!  We should all be so blessed as to take note of a certified, genuine lyricist with unadulterated talent and passion such as Hones-T.  So just go to the direct link to download Another Day Another Hustleand sit back and vibe to it from beginning to end.  This one should solidify his place amongst the elite of the unsigned hype and certainly prove to be the last Hones-T album you can get for free.  Enjoy it while you can!

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